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The Company::

Incorporated as a Company, in 2002, NetiGen has a background of doing Software Development and Network Solutions business as it shape. The company expand in other areas of ICT enabled services and BPO services after successfully operate its one and half decade.

NetiGen is innovative web base system development house, offering huge range of web based services to local government and NGO’s. Thus company has vision to become the proficient hub of public domain.

NetiGen is gratified to create a name in the industry that stands for quality and leadership with representation at the global aspect. It also intends to put effort to bring the benefits of Internet to most of the present as well as future generation. The Internet user density get improve lot within a very short period. NetiGen will dedicate itself for that too.

NetiGen’s team stem from the Masterminded personal commitment to helping both employees and honorable clients alike. This philosophy is best expressed as it says ‘you can have everything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want’.

This philosophy of helping others carries through all areas of the company. In helping end-users, and the company’s employees, NetiGen will be able to retain both end-users and quality employees.

In virtually every field from manufacturing to financial services to education, retail to government, energy to health care thus NetiGen is helping companies leverage the power of ICT, to streamline processes and raise productivity, to reduce both costs and complexity. We understand the critical issues clients face every day, and we offer business where they want it to go to a new level of competitive advantage.